Run a restaurant

How to get a job as a bartender in an elite club
Work as a bartender in our country is not very popular, but it has advantages that most professions cannot boast of. What are the advantages? Let's try to list them.…

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Igor Bukharov: apartheid in the restaurant sector is not possible
The other day, there was information on newspaper pages and on the Internet that one of, let's say, cultural figures, being in a Japanese restaurant in Moscow, demanded that the…

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Hey man! Or why do waiters work poorly?
Satisfied and displeased waiter The waiter should be a hospitable person by nature. Which is important for everyone around you to feel good. And he will do everything possible for…

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Craft drinks and dishes

There are less universal sushi – pizza – hookah – karaoke restaurants. More and more often, guests prefer to such establishments more focused cafes, pizzerias or hookahs – places where they cook their favorite dishes are really delicious.

Fewer people are willing to be content with average quality in such supermarket restaurants, often for the same money as in cozy, atmospheric establishments. Hence the conclusion that it is worth focusing on single products: burger, pizzerias, etc.
Pastries and sweets
More bakeries and pastry shops. Fresh baked goods are in demand year-round, and such establishments can be placed both in sleeping areas and in the central streets with a lot of traffic. Continue reading

What awaits the restaurant business in 2020

Problems of the restaurant business in 2019
As in any other business, there are key points due to which institutions are most often closed, and no matter, this is a small coffee shop or restaurant with 200 seats. From year to year, some reasons may change, but there are those that remain unchanged. Main problems:

Location. No matter how you praise your kitchen or concept with a perfect design, unfortunately, this does not guarantee good attendance. You need traffic that is highly dependent on location. In Ukraine and Russia, remote or suburban restaurants are still unpopular, so the key to success for most establishments is renting a room on the streets with good pedestrian and car traffic. Few people – no profit.
Rental price. Perhaps this reason in importance is equivalent to an unsuccessful location. By laying a fixed amount of rent in a business plan, beginning restaurateurs forget about the deadlines. Continue reading

Carles Abellán

Disguised as an ordinary “tapas” gourmet restaurant from the famous chef Carles Abellán – a student of Ferran Adrius, who is involved in many projects of the great master, including El Bulli (Roses) and Hacienda Benanuza (Seville). The cornerstone of Spanish cuisine, the culture of tapas, takes the strangest forms here, creatively interpreting the gastronomy of Asia, Latin America and America. Only here you can try unusual dishes such as a salad of sardines with orange and wasabi, tuna tartar, lollipop quail, piglet burrito with guacamole and green sauce, or salad salad of orchids, ice grass and mushrooms. The maestro himself characterizes the kitchen of Comerç 24 as “with roots, but without borders.” The institution is located in an old canning factory building, in the heart of the bohemian Bourne and has a fashionable design with an “open” kitchen, a bar and a restaurant in one space. Continue reading

Michelin-starred Barcelona restaurants

The Spaniards are great lovers and connoisseurs of good cuisine, since the climate, sea and traditions give them a unique feast culture, joyful, vibrant, with intense tastes and aromas and without any frills in the cooking technique. In recent years, a new generation of chefs has come onto the stage of Spanish gastronomy – young, desperate heads who are ready to experiment with traditional cuisine, but above all, excellent professionals who have gone through a tough international school. It is they who today own the majority of the stars awarded by the famous Michelin rating.

Michelin-starred Barcelona restaurants are mostly small establishments with creative cuisine, thoughtful design, specific atmosphere and prices, often pleasantly different from French and Geneva. The main difference lies in the plane of the price category, decor and decor – it remains only to choose a combination to your taste. By the way, most of the “star” establishments are located at luxury hotels, which is rather not a trend, but a tradition: the best restaurants in Catalonia have long been located at the living rooms. We offer a list of Barcelona restaurants with Michelin stars. Continue reading

3 restaurants in Odessa: where to eat tasty, hearty and atmospheric

According to one of the largest restaurateurs in the city, Savely Libkin, Odessa residents are obsessed with food. There is no second city in the world where food plays such an important role as in this small provincial town by the sea with a huge ego.

Odessa welcomes guests with a rich geography of gastronomic tastes collected from around the world. And if there is a cuisine on Earth that can be compared with Italian in unsurpassed taste, Mexican in usefulness, Asian in exotic, Ukrainian in satiety and French in sophistication, then this is Odessa cuisine.

However, in addition to local flavor and culinary traditions, in Odessa you can find good places with foreign motives. Where to eat in Odessa, so as to satisfyingly satisfy your taste preferences, sit down with a cup of coffee, dying “momentary weakness” for two cheeks, organize a quick snack in one of the inexpensive street venues – read on. Continue reading

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Michelin-starred Barcelona restaurants
The Spaniards are great lovers and connoisseurs of good cuisine, since the climate, sea and traditions give them a unique feast culture, joyful, vibrant, with intense tastes and aromas and…


Zheleznaya Bella: For which an employee of the Soviet public catering was sentenced to be shot
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