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Do you like to try something new? If the answer is yes, then read in our review about the new street food projects that are presented on Novy Arbat, 15…

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"Printing House" - the choice of trendsetters in Yekaterinburg!
There are many fashionable places in Yekaterinburg. The demands of intellectual society for clubs and places of recreation are growing daily. It’s hard to surprise the audience now. But one…

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The whole truth about GASTREET International Restaurant Show
For me, GASTREET is ... The main event of the restaurant industry in Russia. It sounds pathetic, but it's true. For three years, we were able to grow out of…

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he was expelled

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“I want it too!”: PR managers of restaurants – who are they?

They are always in our field of vision when we arrive at a restaurant. They constantly post beautiful photos of food on social networks, go to restaurants, eat, and, it seems, their work is a dream! On the eve of the PR Day, which is celebrated on July 28, we learned from Moscow experts how to become like them, what is terrible in their work and what restaurants they will open.

– How and why did you come to the restaurant industry?

I decided to study and work at the same time after graduation. I entered the economic university and accidentally got a job as a secretary in the first restaurant of Kirill Gusev “Oblomov”. The project was just under construction then. Then everything turned out by itself. I looked at how the whole mechanism works from the inside and began to independently study the literature on advertising and marketing available at that time in the market. I realized that it is in this direction that I want to grow and develop. Continue reading

They refused to choose a table: rudeness or proper management?

In fact, there are several reasons why you might not be seated at an attractive table. The most common – the table is already booked by a specific time. Of course, you can insist that you be seated for him, even agreeing to a time limit (before the arrival of guests who have booked a table in advance) and a menu choice, since some dishes may not be prepared for the kitchen at your own time, and the waiter – to serve you. The latter will be the second reason why you may again be told no. And this is not at all out of the harmfulness of the hostesses (if you weren’t rude, did not swear or stamped your feet), but because there is a certain sequence of seating that allows you to control the flow of guests from each waiter. Therefore, seating the guests in the hall, the hostess also monitors the equal load of waiters so that the service is correct and you do not have to wait long for either the waiter or your order. Continue reading

Checked by Restoran

Do you like to try something new? If the answer is yes, then read in our review about the new street food projects that are presented on Novy Arbat, 15 in the Restuent Buffet restomarket.
On April 4, they held a tasting of projects from “gastro-enthusiasts” as part of the First Russian Street Food Award Streaters.

Their dishes were:
Kish me
Yes food (Yerevan street food)
The Kish me project offered quiche-lorenas and tarts – alternatives to pies and pies, where the basis is thin puff pastry with various fillings. A large selection of quiches: classic Lorraine, quiche with mashed potatoes and honey mushrooms, quiche with spinach, cheese quiche. If we talk about tarts, then a banana with cream cheese is very good, but you should try blueberry, sea buckthorn and pear with ricotta. Continue reading

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Opening of SQUAREBB family restaurant
At the beginning of December 2017, the SQUAREBB family restaurant opens in the VEGAS shopping and entertainment complex on Kashirskoye Shosse. The concept of the new restaurant, and most likely…


The Nest bar on Sretensky, the Pechorin bakery on Shabolovka and other new restaurants
Pechorin Bakery Cafe on Shabolovka, huge khachapuri at Eat Khinkali & Drink Wine, French dishes at Le carré, Japanese cotton pancakes at Usachevsky Market and a beautiful cocktail bar on…


Chef Pavel Petrov. Master classes and what they eat
Over the years of my professional activity, I have conducted many workshops of various formats and contents and formulated important, in my understanding, the rules for their success. I would…


Craft drinks and dishes
There are less universal sushi - pizza - hookah - karaoke restaurants. More and more often, guests prefer to such establishments more focused cafes, pizzerias or hookahs - places where…