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How do restaurants save on guests, and why is it not always bad?
We open a family restaurant - how much will it cost? Remember the moment in the movie "What Men Talk About" when one of the characters talks about visiting a…

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Restaurants, coffee houses, kitchen shops and more: How restaurant business has developed in the Russian Empire
Today, restaurants and cafes in the Russian open spaces are a common occurrence. You can find gourmet establishments for those who want a quick bite to eat, for romantic dates…

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Hachiko mode: why are you waiting for your order for a long time?
In fact, there is no single standard in time from accepting an order to taking it out to the hall. Each institution independently determines the cooking time of a dish,…

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Best Munich Restaurants

Of all the restaurants in Munich, there are 10 restaurants with the best reputation in this article. Having explored all these places, you can be sure that you have fully studied Munich cuisine. Any tourist arriving in Munich should at least once experience traditional Bavarian food – you can choose “Schweinshaxe” (baked pork knuckle), fried Nuremberg sausage, “halbes Hendl” (half chicken) or Spatzle (special egg noodles). A classic place for tourists in this regard is the kitchen of the Hofbräuhaus beer hall, which also brews excellent beer. However, Munich has more than just traditional Bavarian cuisine. How about going back in time and exploring how dinner went in the Middle Ages? This experience can be obtained at Welser Kuche. Of course, you can also treat yourself to a true gourmet experience. The obvious choice for this is Tantris, awarded with two Michelin stars. So, get acquainted – the best restaurants in Munich.

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Best restaurants in Cologne

You can easily find typical sausage and sauerkraut in Cologne, the city has long expanded its culinary repertoire outside the German stereotype, having mastered international cuisine. Michelin stars now adorn many restaurants in Cologne, and the menu includes influences from different regions, from France to the Far East. Cologne restaurants in this selection were grouped into three categories: expensive (more than 45 €), moderate (25 € – 45 €) and cheap (up to 25 €). These are the prices for a three-course lunch, not including drinks. Please note that credit cards may not be accepted at some pubs. Tipping is a matter of personal preference depending on the quality of food and service, usually about 10%.

Record refers to: Cologne
Restaurant La Vision
La Vision belongs to the category of expensive restaurants. They come here most often in honor of special occasions to enjoy Michelin-marked classic French and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is located on the 11th floor terrace with excellent views of Cologne. This is one of the most famous establishments in Cologne, both in terms of food quality and in terms of atmosphere. Do not be surprised that the prices here are appropriate. Continue reading

Authentic Egyptian Cuisine at Maha Restaurant

Authentic Egyptian Cuisine at Maha Restaurant
The restaurant chain Maha offers everyone to try authentic Egyptian cuisine. Traditional Egyptian dishes are world famous for their unique combination of ingredients and spices. These dishes are unique in essence, as they are not found in any other kitchen in the world. But at Maha, you can touch this distinctive culture outside of Egypt. Even just looking at these photos, you will probably want to try delicious delicacies and visit such an institution.

The main goal of the establishment is to create a special atmosphere for guests so that they can “feel as if they are in Cairo.” Professional chef Maha Bazum and her family restaurant Maha changes the face of Egyptian cuisine, integrating it into Western culture. The assortment of dishes on the menu is rich in varied offerings, ranging from soul-soothing lentil soup to honey cardamom latte. This cozy place has something for absolutely all visitors. Continue reading

Italian cuisine as a separate art form

Italian cuisine is famous all over the world. Everyone in any country is familiar with dishes such as pasta, pizza or risotto. Italian wines always take pride of place on the shelves of wine shops. And about the Italian dessert tiramisu heard any sweet tooth. Italian cuisine, like Italian architecture, is the subject of legends, admiration and aesthetic pleasure. Italian cuisine is a separate art form.

Italy is very proud of its cuisine, which has become popular due to its simplicity and centuries-old traditions. Family recipes are passed from generation to generation, which become the next masterpiece in the right hands. Italians stand behind their kitchen by the mountain, not allowing innovations such as fast food or sushi to come first. Once in any Italian city, you will be surprised that there are almost no people in McDonald’s. And all because Italian cuisine is beyond praise. Continue reading


From a stay in our restaurant you will receive an unforgettable gastronomic and aesthetic pleasure, plunge into the cozy home atmosphere, feel the famous Georgian hospitality and the European level of service!

From Friday to Saturday, our family-run restaurant GRANAT hosts live entertainment shows. There will definitely be no time to miss! Live music, performance of musical groups, cool DJs, funny hosts, high-quality concert programs, fiery theme parties, master classes and many, many interesting things. We make sure that each event is held at the highest level, and you are satisfied!

At your disposal are four spacious, stylish, luxurious banquet rooms (from 10 to 150 people), the color scheme of which is made in classic shades, harmoniously combining and giving the whole atmosphere a sense of aristocracy and sophistication. Each hall can be decorated in accordance with the style of the celebration! Continue reading

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We open a family restaurant - how much will it cost?
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