3 restaurants in Odessa: where to eat tasty, hearty and atmospheric
According to one of the largest restaurateurs in the city, Savely Libkin, Odessa residents are obsessed with food. There is no second city in the world where food plays such…

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Restaurant Tilda
November is a transitional period of adaptation to subzero temperatures: you can no longer walk with the thought: “Now something will come across along the way.” The time has come…

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Checked by Restoran

Do you like to try something new? If the answer is yes, then read in our review about the new street food projects that are presented on Novy Arbat, 15 in the Restuent Buffet restomarket.
On April 4, they held a tasting of projects from “gastro-enthusiasts” as part of the First Russian Street Food Award Streaters.

Their dishes were:
Kish me
Yes food (Yerevan street food)
The Kish me project offered quiche-lorenas and tarts – alternatives to pies and pies, where the basis is thin puff pastry with various fillings. A large selection of quiches: classic Lorraine, quiche with mashed potatoes and honey mushrooms, quiche with spinach, cheese quiche. If we talk about tarts, then a banana with cream cheese is very good, but you should try blueberry, sea buckthorn and pear with ricotta.

The uniqueness of the project is that the owner – a former lawyer with 10 years of experience, Yevgeny Gansetskiy – is involved in everything: purchases products, bakes, distributes products, and deals with documentation. Sales volumes are slowly growing, apparently, soon the business may reach the staff of permanent employees.

Yes food (Yerevan street food) is an original concept of “fast food” with a pronounced Armenian, even Yerevan flavor. There are probably no analogs in Moscow, if we are talking about street food.

I managed to try karsi khorovats – chicken thigh in a specialty marinade, cooked on fire; dolma – minced meat in a grape leaf, which Yes food (Yerevan street food) deli wrap in thin pita bread; zhingals khats – cakes made from unleavened dough with 7 types of herbs (mint, spinach, cilantro, sorrel, mountain cilantro, parsley, onion); lamajo – a thin tortilla with minced meat and lamb fat tail.

The name “Yes food” does not reveal nationality, but, as we were assured, Armenian identification is achieved through personal communication with guests and shouts: “Yerevan street food!”.

Paying tribute to the skill of the chef, we still can not resist the desire: I want more aroma of fresh herbs and less fat minced meat in pita bread with chicken and dolma.

Vaurma offers dishes for everybody. If you fast or adhere to the canons of a healthy diet, consciously refusing meat fats, you will most likely like multi-colored pita rolls stuffed with chickpea and beet cutlets, carrots, grilled vegetables, tofu and author’s sauces.

Rolls are prepared right in front of the guests. This is a kind of designer, and you can choose for yourself what gets into the roll. The creators, according to them, provide an opportunity to receive energy from plant foods, enjoy a rich taste and get aesthetic pleasure from the color scheme of dishes and sauces.

To achieve interesting colors, algae, beetroot juice and other natural dye additives are added to the dough for pita bread. The ideological inspirer of the project assures that with the help of Vaurma you can successfully deal with excess weight, as vegetables are baked without oil.

If we talk about business profitability, it is quite high: the low cost of production and the long shelf life of plant products play a role.

Duckit Recognized as Best of Concepts
– The project of Mikhail Darinov, which is based on variations on the theme of Peking duck. It started in November 2017 at the Moscow City shopping center, and within three months it reached a sales volume of 4 tons per month. Ducks are brought from Rostov, in Moscow, in the factory-kitchen, they are made into blanks that are transported to retail outlets on the Danilovsky market, in shopping centers and food courts.

Duckit presented the following dishes at the tasting: light salad with duck, fragrant ramen with egg, noodles and duck, lush bao buns, thin rice flour pancakes stuffed with duck, cucumber, leek and signature sauce.

The dishes are served according to the author’s recipe – surprisingly delicate, moderately salty and pungent, perfectly combined with duck meat. Mikhail’s plans are to create a network: the opening of 10 points in Moscow, in the future he intends to enter the European market.

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3 restaurants in Odessa: where to eat tasty, hearty and atmospheric
According to one of the largest restaurateurs in the city, Savely Libkin, Odessa residents are obsessed with food. There is no second city in the world where food plays such…