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Hey man! Or why do waiters work poorly?

Satisfied and displeased waiter
The waiter should be a hospitable person by nature. Which is important for everyone around you to feel good. And he will do everything possible for this and from this he will “bliss”. This is the right waiter. He loves his work, loves his guests.

But while in our country, everything is not quite so. They come to waiters because it is quick money, a flexible schedule, you do not need to have any education and you can start working tomorrow. And almost everyone sees this post as temporary. While they are waiting for normal work, while they are studying, and so on. Therefore, such waiters often work without desire, without thinking about the future and without understanding what and why he is doing, right or wrong. Only a few realize the importance of work and want to stay in the restaurant business.

Is the waiter a job for the young?
If in Europe an aged waiter is the norm, then we have a waiter associated with a student. And if the work of a waiter in Europe is equivalent to the work of a manager in an office, then in Russia they consider her not very worthy. Hence the guest’s attitude to the waiter, as to the service staff. Both the guest and the waiter feel this. And all because there is no professional restaurant education in our country so far. Hence, there is no understanding among the population that the waiter is a profession. And she needs to learn. Therefore, it is very important how the management of the restaurant relates to the waiter. If you position him as a person, and not as “go, bring, take away, do not interfere,” then the attitude of such a waiter to his work will be completely different.

The waiter is always trying to cheat.
It happens that they cheat. But in most cases, this is due to improper management and setting tasks for the waiters. For example, you need to increase the average bill, but do not explain how to do it correctly. An ignorant waiter begins to offer guests the most expensive positions, and this is not out of evil, but out of ignorance. One of the waiters’ pay systems is the percentage of food sold.

Therefore, in order to quickly earn money, the waiter offers the most expensive positions, without thinking about either the guests or the reputation of the restaurant. Or the waiter is overloaded with the number of tables and accidentally ordering one table adds another to the order. Unpleasant, but it happens. It is much worse when there are cunning waiters who are trying to add a large company to the account of several not ordered positions. At the same time, deceiving both guests and the institution. But in restaurants with a good manager, such things are revealed very quickly, so there such waiters do not work for a long time.

Poor or rich waiter?
To name the average income of a waiter is very difficult. It can be from 10,000 rubles to huge salaries. Its size depends on a number of factors:

The personality and hospitality of the waiter himself. There have been cases when most of the customers left the waiter for another establishment.
Different payment system. From rates per hour, per shift to percent of sales. There are a million options. It already depends on the policy of the institution.
The format of the institution and its average check.
A good waiter always gets a decent income. A good waiter will always be hired. A good waiter loves his work and his guests. He is a professional in his field. After all, the waiter is the person on whom it depends on what impression the guest will have on the restaurant and whether he will return here again.

Empire of Kike Dacosta.
So that you don’t have the feeling that I want to empty your wallets with my notes, let's talk in conclusion about whether a good kitchen is always too expensive.…


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