The Nest bar on Sretensky, the Pechorin bakery on Shabolovka and other new restaurants
Pechorin Bakery Cafe on Shabolovka, huge khachapuri at Eat Khinkali & Drink Wine, French dishes at Le carré, Japanese cotton pancakes at Usachevsky Market and a beautiful cocktail bar on…

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Empire of Kike Dacosta.
So that you don’t have the feeling that I want to empty your wallets with my notes, let's talk in conclusion about whether a good kitchen is always too expensive.…

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3 restaurants in Odessa: where to eat tasty, hearty and atmospheric
According to one of the largest restaurateurs in the city, Savely Libkin, Odessa residents are obsessed with food. There is no second city in the world where food plays such…

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Hachiko mode: why are you waiting for your order for a long time?

In fact, there is no single standard in time from accepting an order to taking it out to the hall. Each institution independently determines the cooking time of a dish, depending on the format of the institution, the size of the menu and cuisine, and the number of staff. But when the declared time is doubled or tripled, then this can already be called a long wait.

In general, a delay in a dish is in 99% of cases improper management of a restaurant or cafe and 1% is force majeure. A minority is equipment breakdown and accidental one-time landing in the hall. For example, a bus with Chinese tourists broke down, and all passengers came to the restaurant for lunch. This happens, but rarely. But, if the bus began to call into the same restaurant with a certain frequency, then a long wait for the dish becomes control errors, which we will consider a little later.

In the meantime, we find out what it takes to wait for an order. First, it receives, and then the waiter breaks through. In good institutions (equally with the right approach to management), when ordering, he will inform you how much this or that dish will be preparing, and will warn you if one of them needs to wait longer than usual today. After that, your order will go to the kitchen, where it will be prepared and left at the distribution for the waiter, who will take it to you in the hall.

And for these 3-4 stages, a lot of interesting things can happen with your dish.

1. The waiter forgot to break the dish, so the kitchen does not even think to start cooking. The correct solution here will be to inform the manager about what happened so that he can solve the problem without giving it a chance to arise, as well as warn the guest about a possible delay, and hospitably treat him with a compliment.

2. Your dish was not taken away from the distribution for a long time, which led to its “death”, and, consequently, redoing. In this case, the error lies in the team’s work, when the finished dish should be made by a free employee of the hall or kitchen.

3. The waiter took the dish from the distribution without a check. Therefore, sometimes you see guests who have come and ordered after you, but have received food earlier.

4. The dish was prepared incorrectly: you asked without onions, and the kitchen did not focus on this, and they will begin to prepare it again.

In any case, if there is a long delay in cooking, then in good restaurants the team can solve such issues quickly and clearly and does not cause the guest any inconvenience.

If you come to a restaurant or cafe and see one or two waiters in the full hall, then most likely you will wait longer than usual for your order.

If the institution has a large menu, then the kitchen and the number of cooks must be appropriate, otherwise you will have to wait again.

If you are told that they are preparing a dish “from under the knife” and you need to wait 30-40 minutes, then in other words this means that the cook took out a piece of something and put it in the microwave to defrost. Not sure if the food is delicious.

Well, and the prevailing myth is that the restaurant staff ran to the store to buy ingredients for your dish. When the institution is able to work correctly, this situation simply will not happen. Before your order, the waiter will know what is in the stop list and what is available, so you just won’t be able to order a dish for which you would have to run to the store.

The speed of cooking does not always depend on the kitchen, a waiter plays one of the main roles in this process. Therefore, it is always worth listening to his advice, especially when it comes to the preparation time of your order.

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