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Restaurant Tilda

November is a transitional period of adaptation to subzero temperatures: you can no longer walk with the thought: “Now something will come across along the way.” The time has come for clear routes and pre-verified locations.

We pass American fast food, then – Soviet fast food – cheburechnaya exists in the center of the capital much longer than ours. We turn into Sytinsky Lane, then left – we are there. Unremarkable entrance group, steps to the restaurant, at the entrance – a perch for smokers.

Restaurant Tilda
Subdued light, intimate darkness and the size of the institution itself. On the right hand – two rods that simulate a wardrobe. We determine the outerwear on the hanger. The whole hall is in full view, it is impossible to go unnoticed. A flew up waiter escorts us to the central table. A room for fifty people from strength. Forward along the podium – at the level of the front door – past two designed for two high tables and a wine cabinet. The main landing is three steps lower.

Restaurant Tilda
The ideal size menu for the format of the institution. Positions in the wine list are skillfully scattered into categories that reveal production methods, more than 30 positions are poured into glasses.

– Caring sommelier funny described and signed the wine.
– Yes, perhaps I will take Chardonnay, which is “a girl with apricots. Tighter and more aromatic. ”
– And I am an Austrian gruner, “spices and gastronomy.”
– Sommelier is really caring: wine freaks have something to have fun.
– Let’s start with the appetizers? What did you like?

We order hummus from edamame (450 rubles), chicken liver pate with strawberries and sorrel (450 rubles) and new items from the hot snacks section – baked cauliflower with tomato salsa and smoked cheese (550 rubles), Argentinean prawns with bacon and cava sauce (850 rubles) and chicken skewers with peanut sauce and blue rice (590 rubles).

After wine and onward snacks bring homemade bread with homemade butter with nori seaweed, and this is a delight! There are many handicrafts in Tilda: the dishes were made to order in the Moscow ceramic workshop, a luxurious chandelier made of glass plates and a surprisingly space-saving door to the toilet, too.

Restaurant Tilda
We obviously did not calculate our capabilities: warming up with wine turns into a full dinner.

– Have you tried hummus? How do you like paste? I do not like to combine meat with sweet. Solemnly present it to you.
The paste is neatly laid on small biscuit bars, flavored with berry jam and littered with finely chopped greens. I destroyed the whole structure and ate the chicken liver mass separately, washed down with my gruner.

The neatly charred head of cauliflower glistens with fragrant oil and finely chopped tomatoes with smoked slightly salty cheese. The smell of a bonfire evokes appetite, the colored swing smells the same as butter in Gorynycha. The main thing in this matter is not to get involved, otherwise the food is openly bitter and is associated with ignition for a fire.

Cauliflower, salsa, smoked cheese
Baked Cauliflower with Tomato Salsa and Smoked Cheese

– Do not lean on hummus, we won’t get hot.
– It already doesn’t shine for us – hearty snacks.
A generous portion of bright green edamame hummus is flavored with sesame seeds and beans. The texture is delicate, it is difficult to stop dipping the crispy edges of bread into it.

“I love ptim, the prawns are great – fleshy and juicy, but the sauce is sour for me, like tomato paste.”
“This is cava sauce, not tomato!” You do not understand anything. But the shrimp is really good.
– And this is an Instagram star!

Before us appeared a plate with small chicken skewers on a pillow of blue rice. Alas, in the evening lighting to photograph the dishes and not offend them with the color rendering of the phone will not work. Chicken meat in sauce in the eastern manner is soft and sweet. Dark azure rice is perfectly cooked and laid – a grain to a grain.

Chicken skewers, peanuts, blue rice
Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce and Blue Rice

– The only thing I can master now is the second glass of wine “on the move”.

The whole evening the waiter who appears on time correctly alludes to a hot or at least a dessert sample, but our satiety is adamant. We will learn from him why rice is blue: the cereal is soaked in Thai blue tea. And here is Thailand!

Resting in between glasses of wine, you can stare around. At the largest table at the end of the hall is a cheerful, noisy, but not disturbing birthday. I want to join immediately. The quadrature is modest, the decor is chamber and comfortable. The delight of any of the guests is heard throughout the hall. I want to catch a laugh, to answer any remark. The atmosphere is relaxing and not a bit awkward due to the critical proximity to the meal in the neighborhood. Especially after the second glass of wine.

Shrimp, ptim, kava
Argentinean prawns with ptim and cava sauce

If you want to follow in our footsteps, and you probably want to follow the blue rice, keep in mind that the appetizers are really very satisfying, so to get to the hot, purposefully look in the section with it.

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