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We open a family restaurant – how much will it cost?

Imagine that you open your own restaurant with 80 seats – this is the standard size for family establishments. We take it as a rule that you make repairs from scratch, and not just redeem the finished point, do cosmetic repairs and change the sign. Then it is necessary to lay about a month on the development of the design project, and only after that you can start repair.

Many neglect the design, they believe that they themselves will design a cafe according to the pictures. This is a fallacy: the work of a designer costs money, but he will make it more beautiful and cheaper. It will help to save on materials and even from ordinary bulbs will make an author’s chandelier.

At least 4 million rubles will be required to open a business. What does this amount consist of? It is important to consider that the capital investment – ventilation and the fire system, is paid by the owner.

For a restaurant of 80 seats, the minimum allowable area will be a room of 160-200 square meters. m. The average cost of rent in St. Petersburg – from 1000 to 1500 rubles per square meter. m. Renting a room in the heart of the city will be an order of magnitude higher, but the flow of tourists and more intensive traffic will be a bonus.

When concluding the contract, check with the landlord about the opportunity to go on a “rental vacation” – in this case you will not have to pay for the first month of the lease (some manage to agree on a 4-month delay). In an ideal situation for repairs, it will take you one month, from the second month you will begin to beat off costs.

A realistic plan is to open in 2.5 months. In a pessimistic situation, the opening will stretch over 4 months, this happens due to negligent contractors or failures in the production / supply of furniture.

Repair and interior
The materials for repairs and the work of builders will take from 5,000 rubles per sq / m. The price is approximate and depends on what materials are needed during the decoration, which company you will contact, how you can negotiate with suppliers and builders.

Kitchen equipment suppliers should be especially careful: many companies offer free technical equipment plans. These plans usually have more equipment than novice restaurateurs need. Critically evaluate how your technical plan meets your requirements. If you are not sure, ask the owners of existing cafes or a chef for advice.

No need to dream of a beautiful professional kitchen. You will build it in the second, third, fourth restaurant. A household refrigerator freezes no worse than a professional one, but costs several times less. To open it will be enough. Or pay attention to the closing restaurants – they are selling their equipment, used – does not mean bad.

The cost of furniture depends on the design project: the number of tables, chairs and sofas, chips in the interior, the number of chandeliers. On average, you will have to spend from 450 thousand rubles on the purchase of furniture and interior details. Another 250 thousand rubles worth investing in new dishes.

For children
For family restaurants, a games area is required. Its equipment depends on your vision. The lowest cost for game design is from 150 thousand. This price includes a dry pool with balls, bodyboards and standard climbing frames.

Unusual game complexes are made to order – but their price is an order of magnitude higher. Before ordering a game, ask the company for safety certificates for their products. The width of the steps, the height of the slides – all this is regulated.

Before opening
The rent is paid, the repair is done, is the cafe ready to receive big and small guests? From the conditional 4 million rubles you will have 250 thousand left. What to spend this money on?

1. Marketing activity before opening. Posters, balloons, booklets and handouts – all this requires finance.

2. Cleaning order. The day before the opening of the restaurant should shine both outside and inside.

3. Salary to staff.

Hiring workers will begin long before the opening. In two weeks, the chef, sous-chef, and cooks begin to work on the menu. At the same time, a manager appears in the cafe, who is engaged in the selection of personnel, orders dishes and printing. A week before the opening, the team is joined by administrators, waiters, bartenders and car washers.

I advise novice businessmen not to inflate the staff: for example, accountants can be outsourced, now there are a dozen companies that provide such services.

That ended 4 million rubles. For this amount, it’s realistic to open your own family restaurant in St. Petersburg. Prices in the regions will vary significantly, the cost may fall by 2 times.

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