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How to name a restaurant to make a profit

To make a restaurant profitable, you need to consider everything: from the interior to the design of the menu. An important place in the process of creating a business is the name. It should attract the attention of guests, cause a desire to visit the institution.

How to create an attractive title? How to come up with a restaurant name in accordance with the cuisine and concept? Read about the rules of naming right now!

How to come up with a restaurant name: basic requirements
To develop a name, you can contact the marketers. Professional help is expensive, but you will get ready-made options that will suit your basic needs.

To independently develop the concept of an institution, come up with a restaurant name and menu, use these tips:

Use simple words that are easy to remember, spell, and pronounce.
Analyze which associative series that causes the name. Unpleasant associations will cause rejection of potential visitors. The complete absence of associations will not be profitable.
Try to convey the main idea, the concept of the restaurant through the name. You can rely on the style of the interior, ethnicity of the kitchen, the location of the institution.
Remember the euphonies. A pleasant sounding name is easy to remember and causes positive emotions
Be original. Check your chosen names for uniqueness.
How to name a restaurant beautifully and where to get inspiration
What can be called a restaurant based on menu or cuisine? Can’t come up with? Look for examples of the best restaurateurs in the world. This will help you broaden your horizons and come up with an interesting idea.

What to call a restaurant of European cuisine: what to look for
European cuisine is a fairly broad concept. Typically, the menu includes continental breakfasts, Italian pizzas and pasta, German strudel, and French desserts. Therefore, betting on the features of the kitchen will not work. You need to determine how your establishment differs from competitors.

Most modern restaurateurs prefer to call the restaurant in English. This will help expand your target audience. For example, “Grand family”, “Real Food Restaurant”.

What to call an Italian restaurant: examples from the homeland of pizza
To come up with the name of the restaurant in the Italian style, first decide on the format of the institution. There are various types of Italian restaurants: hostaria, osteria, taverna, trattoria, enoteca.

If you don’t know what to call the restaurant of Italian cuisine, try to combine the designation of the type of institution with the name of the city, Italian name, literary character. For example, a premium restaurant stylized as a country house can be called “Taverna Rivoli” (Rivoli is a small Italian city in the province of Turin).

One of the famous institutions in Italy is Osteria francescana. Osteria – a wine restaurant with light snacks, francescana translates as “Franciscan”. A similar example is Enoteca Pinchiorri.

Use restaurant features to create a name
What to call a French restaurant with Parisian grace
In France, the name does not face the problem. Often enough to combine the word “restaurant” with the name of the owner. Calling a French restaurant in Moscow by this principle will not work. Another option is to use the name of the restaurateur in the French manner. For example, Restaurant d’Hélène.

When choosing the name of the institution, consider its positioning. Option for a family establishment with a menu for children “Le petit prince”. an institution with a large assortment of drinks “Aquarius” (translated as “Aquarius”). If you are positioning a restaurant with a wide assortment of wines, the appropriate name is “Château du vin”.

What to call a restaurant of Russian cuisine and attract attention
To attractively name a restaurant with national Russian cuisine, it is necessary to emphasize its belonging to Russian culture. Try to strengthen positive associations, because most of the visitors to national restaurants in Moscow are tourists.

Suitable names are “Russian Sun”, “Dr. Zhivago. ” Often the names of the great Russian writers and poets – “Pushkin”, “Chekhov” are used in the names of restaurants.

To stand out among competitors and interest visitors, use Russian words that have no analogues in the west. For example, “Cheesecake”, “Hut”.

What to call a Russian restaurant and interest tourists? Write the name on the transliteration – “Zabava”, “Ded Mazaй”.

. The name of the restaurant should be in harmony with the concept of the establishment
Some more tips on how to come up with a restaurant name
Attract visitors by displaying a menu assortment in the title. Not sure what to call a meat restaurant? The answer lies on the surface – “Meat & Vine”, “Hunter Prey”, “Lots of Meat.”

Experiment with the names. Try to convey the features of the kitchen, atmosphere, style, emotions that you want to see the guests. Write down all the options, make associative chains, cut off everything banal and too complicated.

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