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Best Munich Restaurants

Of all the restaurants in Munich, there are 10 restaurants with the best reputation in this article. Having explored all these places, you can be sure that you have fully studied Munich cuisine. Any tourist arriving in Munich should at least once experience traditional Bavarian food – you can choose “Schweinshaxe” (baked pork knuckle), fried Nuremberg sausage, “halbes Hendl” (half chicken) or Spatzle (special egg noodles). A classic place for tourists in this regard is the kitchen of the Hofbräuhaus beer hall, which also brews excellent beer. However, Munich has more than just traditional Bavarian cuisine. How about going back in time and exploring how dinner went in the Middle Ages? This experience can be obtained at Welser Kuche. Of course, you can also treat yourself to a true gourmet experience. The obvious choice for this is Tantris, awarded with two Michelin stars. So, get acquainted – the best restaurants in Munich.

Seehaus in the English Gardens
Order a glass of Paulaner and relax in this beautiful park setting. The restaurant attracts both tourists and Germans because of its natural views and excellent beer selection. Seehaus im Englischen Garten offers a traditional Bavarian lunch menu, as well as a good selection of vegetarian dishes. You must definitely make time to stroll through the park. As with most beer gardens, you can bring your own food, but you must buy drinks on their premises. As in other similar establishments, there is a full service area, as well as a self-service area, depending on your needs.
Munich restaurants overview

Restaurant Bayerischer Donisl
If you want to taste Viennese schnitzel and have a great beer, Donisl is the perfect place. This authentic Bavarian restaurant is located in the heart of Marienplatz near the town hall and has a rich history from the time of 1715. You can choose a table in a traditional atmosphere, with hunting trophies and wooden finishes, where you will indulge in amazing fried pork and dumplings. And of course, no German food would be complete without a cold classic beer. Donisl Restaurant features a wide selection of delicious beers from the local Hacker-Pschorr and Paulaner breweries. After 18:00, you can listen to live Alpine music here while enjoying truly Bavarian food.

Glockenspiel Cafe
This cafe is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Munich and provides visitors with excellent views of the famous Glockenspiel, after which the cafe is called. Located on the fifth floor of the main building on Marienplatz, the cafe serves excellent beer and coffee, as well as a delicious light menu. It offers breathtaking views of the city center, so come early to get the best place. To watch the Glockenspiel in action, you should be in the cafe at noon – a very good option for a brunch.

Tantris Restaurant
This restaurant is preferred by wealthy travelers. International chef Hans Haas continues to amaze and amaze the taste buds with its excellent menus. Superb main courses are combined with excellent service and appropriate furnishings. The chef has two Michelin stars, making the Tantris restaurant one of the most exclusive in Munich. It really serves world-class dinners, making Tantris a privilege for the rich. The restaurant is far from the center, therefore it is better to book a table in advance and call a taxi.

Welser Kuche in Munich
This is one of the best restaurants in Munich. Welser Kuche will take you back to traditional 16th-century banquets, with a good selection of Bavarian meat dishes and beer. This is the most suitable place to learn German history and have a good meal. The restaurant’s menu was compiled from historical books about the Welser family from Ausburg. It was one of the richest families in Europe, controlling trade routes all the way to South America. The Welsers had their own book of recipes and good manners, from which you can learn a lot about those times.

Kitchen Masters Home
This is one of the most unusual and original restaurants in Munich, where you can enjoy a wide selection of excellent cocktails in special themed rooms. How about a cocktail in the bathroom, or a glass of beer in a large double bed? Instead of the traditional menu, visitors are brought small portions of all the dishes from which you can choose what to order for dinner. This is one of Munich’s best restaurants in terms of drinks, food and atmosphere. A special item on the menu is a special offer from the chef. You must tell him about everything that you do not like, and he will try to impress you with a special dish. This is a unique institution for especially sophisticated tourists.

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