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Zheleznaya Bella: For which an employee of the Soviet public catering was sentenced to be shot

Bella Borodkina in the 1970s and early 1980s headed the Gelendzhik food service, was considered a respected person. And then she was suddenly arrested and sentenced to death. This was done to women in the period after the Stalinist repressions only twice, and even then only with serial killers. What is the culprit of a catering employee – further in the review.

Bella Naumovna Borodkina began her journey to success with the position of a simple barmaid in Gelendzhik. When her husband passed away a few years after the wedding, the woman plunged headlong into work. Her career developed rapidly: for 10 years, Bella rose to the position of director of a restaurant, and then she was entrusted with managing a local network of canteens, cafes and restaurants.

When high-ranking guests visited Gelendzhik, only Bella Naumovna trusted them to treat them. After all, only she knew how to dispose of in the kitchen so that the tables were simply bursting with dishes and delicacies.

In exchange for such a “hospitality”, Bella Borodkina got high-ranking patrons who turned a blind eye to the fraud that the mistress of the Gelendzhik catering was engaged in. But there was something to pay attention to.

Bella Borodkina began her journey from the bottom, so she knew very well how the “Soviet cuisine” was arranged. At that time it was difficult to find an institution where the portions were brought full, and the customers were not hung up. Being in a high position, Bella herself taught workers how to dilute cognac with cheap old (strong rye vodka), and tint tea and coffee with burnt sugar. Such savings turned into tens of hundreds of rubles, which went to Borodkina’s pocket.

Moreover, all the canteens and restaurants of the trust, which was managed by Bella Naumovna, were supposed to bring her a daily “tribute.” If someone refused to pay, then he was immediately removed from office. Borodkin transferred part of his income upstairs, and from this she was confident in her invulnerability. The environment nicknamed her “Iron Bella.”

This continued until 1982. Then in the Soviet Union began to appear video recorders and, accordingly, video cassettes. Films were shown to those wishing underground and for money. And those who wanted to see the “strawberry” laid out several times more for this. It is worth noting that a time limit was set for showing pornographic products. When several distributors were detained in Gelendzhik cafes, they immediately pointed to Iron Bella, claiming that the films were shown with her knowledge.

It would seem that Bella “pierced” on a sheer trifle, if you compare the scale of her fraud. But for some reason, the police seized precisely this episode. In fact, the “showdown” was conducted at the very top. Tension grew between supporters of Brezhnev and Andropov. And when Yuri Andropov in November 1982 became at the helm of the USSR, he immediately launched a campaign against corruption in the Kuban.

The first secretary of the Krasnodar Regional Committee of the Party S. Medunov was under the personal protection of Leonid Ilyich, therefore, after his death, the prosecutor’s office was actively engaged in the affairs of Medunov and his closest associates, which included Bella Borodkina.

The banned movie episode was a formal reason for the arrest of Iron Bella. When representatives of law enforcement agencies came for her, Ms. Borodkina even smirked – they said, she would not have to apologize to her. But the woman was not released the next day, or even a week later. The patrons, who had allowed her to carry out large-scale frauds for so many years, were now in an even worse position.

When they searched the apartment of Bella, the police were shocked by what they saw. Her dwelling resembled a warehouse: everywhere there were piles of crystal, furs, scarce sets of linen, precious jewelry, and gold. And more money … a lot of money. Bundles of notes were found in clothes, rolled up banks, in batteries. Total found more than 500 thousand rubles. By Soviet standards, it was a huge amount of money.

Bella Borodkina spent in prison a whole year. During this time, she was unrecognizable: from a respectable lady, she turned into a hunted old woman. In August 1983, a woman was shot, too many “inconvenient” she knew about senior officials from the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

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