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3 restaurants in Odessa: where to eat tasty, hearty and atmospheric

According to one of the largest restaurateurs in the city, Savely Libkin, Odessa residents are obsessed with food. There is no second city in the world where food plays such an important role as in this small provincial town by the sea with a huge ego.

Odessa welcomes guests with a rich geography of gastronomic tastes collected from around the world. And if there is a cuisine on Earth that can be compared with Italian in unsurpassed taste, Mexican in usefulness, Asian in exotic, Ukrainian in satiety and French in sophistication, then this is Odessa cuisine.

However, in addition to local flavor and culinary traditions, in Odessa you can find good places with foreign motives. Where to eat in Odessa, so as to satisfyingly satisfy your taste preferences, sit down with a cup of coffee, dying “momentary weakness” for two cheeks, organize a quick snack in one of the inexpensive street venues – read on.

Institutions of pure Odessa cuisine
Any cuisine in the world is named after its country of birth. And only two cuisines are named after the city: Viennese and Odessa. Indigenous Odessa residents have an unconditional love for their homeland: for the streets of Odessa, its houses, squares, air, residents and, of course, the kitchen … You must either be imbued with warmth and love, or you can no longer come to the best city on Earth (a joke , of course).

On an empty stomach you will not see all the beauty of Odessa.

As a separate and independent, Odessa cuisine was formed under the influence of many countries of the world: Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and simply by virtue of enterprising and inventive Odessa manners. In addition to seafood, which predetermined the abundance of the sea menu in Odessa (otherwise, it would not have been Odessa, which can not transform natural goods into its interest), in restaurants and cafes you will certainly find traditional Odessa dishes: stuffed fish, mincemeat, pilaf with mussels, chops of tyulka, baked raps with cheese and garlic, dumplings with cherries the size of a dumpling, amazing caviar from blue (so called eggplant in Odessa) with onions, vinegar, garlic and Moldavian pepper, and much more.

1. “Compote”
One of the most colorful establishments in Odessa, personifying Odessa cuisine. Kompot is a cafe network with French charm and warm Odessa hospitality, the founder of which is Ukrainian restaurateur Savva Libkin, who shares the personal experience of a culinary expert and gourmet on the menu of each of his establishments.

A childish bright and warm interior, like the childhood drink itself – compote.
In Kompot you can have breakfast all day. We don’t know when your morning starts: at 7:00, after 11:00 or you go in your favorite omelet or scramble with salmon at 18:00 in the evening. But in Kompot they are always ready for this.

2. The conceptual family restaurant “Maman”
Perhaps for some Odessa cuisine sounds trivial, but not here. Perhaps the Olivier salad, even with shrimp or roast beef, or stuffed peppers will not delight your taste buds, but these dishes are so beloved from childhood, and in Maman they are also cooked according to a unique family recipe with an unusual original serving.

The real MAMAN feeds you with love!
Who is maman? This is a native Odessa woman, not like a typical mom-housewife, who spends all her life at the open-hearth. No, maman loves to cook and makes it tasty, with enthusiasm. But unobtrusively and for pleasure, in between travels around the world. The best recipes, culinary trends and experience of world chefs are reflected in her dishes.

“Maman” unites people who like to eat tasty food.

The Maman Restaurant is located in the center of Odessa, on Lanzheronovskaya Street, opposite the Mozart Hotel, on the ground floor of a two-story residential building, and through the green courtyard of the Palais Royal, located to the left of the main entrance, you can go directly to the Opera House.

The incredibly cozy summer terrace “Maman” in the Palais Royal, a green courtyard through a through exit to the left of the main entrance, is designed for 66 guests.
“Maman” is an institution about real, understandable and tasty food, where traditional Odessa forshmak, homemade meatballs and dumplings with cherries harmoniously combine with popular dishes of various cuisines of the world: Panzanella salad according to the recipe of British chef Jamie Oliver, meat balls in tomato sauce with basil.

World Food Restaurants
Odessans always honor traditions and remember their roots. At the same time, they welcome modern cuisine from around the world.

3. Restaurant “Hadzhibey”
“Hadzhibey” is a spacious and bright restaurant of Crimean Tatar cuisine in the Primorsky district of Odessa, which opened in the fall of 2018. The brainchild of Mikhail Serebrin and Dmitry Kovbasyuk are successful restaurateurs, founders of the earlier establishments “Brothers Grill”, “Mantra beach club” and “Khinkalnya” in Odessa.

The high, heavy entrance doors of Hadzhibey just as easily and widely open to meet the guests, as well as the soul of the Crimean Tatar. Assalam alaikum!
A very colorful establishment, the interior of which was designed by architect Denis Belenko.

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