Authentic Egyptian Cuisine at Maha Restaurant
Authentic Egyptian Cuisine at Maha Restaurant The restaurant chain Maha offers everyone to try authentic Egyptian cuisine. Traditional Egyptian dishes are world famous for their unique combination of ingredients and…

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We attract new customers, add zest to the restaurant
If you are the owner of a restaurant, cafe or bar, you can also attract new regular customers using oriental motifs, for example, open a special zone in which there…

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Chef Pavel Petrov. Master classes and what they eat
Over the years of my professional activity, I have conducted many workshops of various formats and contents and formulated important, in my understanding, the rules for their success. I would…

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Craft drinks and dishes

There are less universal sushi – pizza – hookah – karaoke restaurants. More and more often, guests prefer to such establishments more focused cafes, pizzerias or hookahs – places where they cook their favorite dishes are really delicious.

Fewer people are willing to be content with average quality in such supermarket restaurants, often for the same money as in cozy, atmospheric establishments. Hence the conclusion that it is worth focusing on single products: burger, pizzerias, etc.
Pastries and sweets
More bakeries and pastry shops. Fresh baked goods are in demand year-round, and such establishments can be placed both in sleeping areas and in the central streets with a lot of traffic.

The trend of the last few years in retail, when large offline stores are switching to online sales and vice versa, as Amazon has shown. Multichannel in catering is also a combination of online and offline sales. Most offline establishments that have already taken it into service effectively use their resources to increase sales, offering customers not only to visit the establishment, but also to order food at home, or place an order and pick it up by themselves.

For example, if you use the automation system of the restaurant Poster, then you can connect the Poster Shop – a fully integrated online storefront of your institution, and start accepting online orders!

Accounting system for cafes and restaurants on the tablet

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Craft drinks and dishes
An interesting and fresh trend of “craft” in everything: dishes, glasses and drinks. This is not only a fashionable phenomenon, but also a creative approach to reduce costs. Prices for imported products in Russia and Ukraine are constantly growing, and by 2019 the difference has already become almost 3 times. A couple of years ago, restaurateurs who wanted to stay on the market, reviewed their menu options and tried to switch to those products that they could afford in the new conditions.

The fall of national currencies led to an internal reorganization of restaurants and active processing of the menu. But it also became the reason for the transition tocreative approachnot only the economy, but also the premium segment

Local products are a great alternative to imported counterparts. If earlier restaurateurs rarely looked towards local farmers, now their time has come. Given the unbearable prices, the previously inflated prices of local manufacturers now look like extremely profitable cooperation.
A large number of new breweries and even craft brandy, whiskey, gin and, of course – tinctures, a lot of all kinds appeared. Now only the laziest does not add a couple of types of strong “home” alcohol to the bar card. Tinctures themselves are most often made on the basis of vodka or the same craft whiskey with the addition of various juices and syrups. Served both hot and cold, depending on the time of year. The cost of such a portion of 50 grams is 15-20 rubles (5-6 hryvnias), and on the menu they are set in the region of 100-150 rubles (35-50 UAH).

National and regional cuisine
The trend that we have firmly “settled.” In many cities of Russia and Ukraine, restaurants of national and local cuisine are opening in quite interesting interpretations: coffee shop, pub, pastry shop and fast food.

Georgian cuisine is especially popular. Almost every second restaurant of national cuisine, opened in 2019, is Georgian. Khachapuri, khinkali, suluguni in pita bread, dolma, lobio, khinkali and kharcho – all this is very tasty, clear to the guest and easy to cook from local products in our countries.
Now is a good time to open a small family-run and hearty restaurants with great food. For example, as a family from a small town in Kazakhstan did, the story of the opening of The Beze cafe. Due to competition and increased rents, trendy “designer” restaurants are gradually leaving the market, at which interior designers and not cooks made their names. At a time when investors were still able to pay it. Now, people are no longer ready to take that risk.

Casual segment and healthy eating
Fast-casual restaurants are opening up more and more, a popular format for those who like healthy food but don’t like to wait long. In such establishments, guests receive food similar in quality to expensive restaurants for little money, and the service here is slightly better than in fast food.
Emotional marketing
We will talk about the latter in more detail, since it affects absolutely all the processes of the institutions – from the economy on products to the level of service.

What should be the institution so that guests return there and recommend it to friends?
How to properly set up restaurant management and “survive” in the market?
Attracting a guest to an institution for the first time is a fairly simple process. It is worth considering a strategy, allocating a budget and implementing an idea – and for the opening you will gather a lot of guests.

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