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The eccentricity of the owner or chef of the restaurant increases the attractiveness

Owners of small chains and independent restaurants have always had to perform many roles, ranging from the chef to the manager. Today they are faced with a new challenge – communication with customers in a competitive digital space. To help restaurant owners, Tork has launched a new survey that provides information on the types of marketing messages that can help restaurants increase profits. Thanks to the updated DIY digital (Do it Yourself) marketing tool Tork Xpressnap®, these messages can be created and distributed in an online and offline environment with unprecedented ease.

The Tork brand, a leader in professional hygiene products, has initiated a survey of more than 8,000 restaurant visitors in Europe to identify the main factors affecting the increase in the number of customers, repeat visits and the increase in the size of the check.

“We know that 57% of restaurant visitors like restaurants to post their special offers on social networks. With the help of social networks, our clients, who own independent restaurants and small restaurant chains, get new opportunities to attract a wider audience than ever before. However, given the workload of restaurant owners, we know that marketing can be relegated to the background. By providing the required solutions, Tork Xpressnap helps customers quickly and efficiently create and distribute advertising messages, ”says Bénédicte de Croon, European Tabletop Director, Tork.

The survey results show that regular use of social networks and advertising of the restaurant’s unique features contribute to successful marketing. The key survey data and their possible impact on solving common problems in the catering industry are presented below:

Social networks replace word of mouth

Increase attendance: Maintain an active presence on social networks to expand your business.

78% of visitors to fast casual restaurants have subscribed to restaurant pages on social networks, for example, to the page of a famous chef or local restaurant
49% of restaurant visitors like to spend time on social networks to find out about the emergence of new establishments
Increase the amount of the check: The most effective place for advertising may be located inside your restaurant.

40% of visitors say that a special offer seen in a restaurant increases the likelihood that they will spend more
21% of visitors to fast casual restaurants and fast-food restaurants agree that having a message within their table increases the likelihood that they will spend more
Regular customers: An individual approach to customer interaction contributes to the emergence of a regular clientele.

69% of visitors to restaurants of the fast casual concept admit that a unique concept plays an important role in the decision to re-visit the institution.
62% agree that a personalized approach increases the restaurant’s chances of a return visit
A digital tool allows restaurant owners to create their own advertising message in a few clicks. You can instantly share this unique message on social networks or print it and use it on the advertising panel of Tork Xpressnap dispensers, turning them into a powerful tool for marketing the institution.

How to emphasize uniqueness

Create a personalized message: Use a digital tool and tell your story. Survey results show that customers are likely to be interested in how the restaurant supports the local community.

Expression of personality: A charismatic chef may interest customers. Let him interact with guests and promote your campaign on social networks around his personality.

Let the food talk about your restaurant: A tempting image on the stand can encourage your guests to spend more than they planned. Use the Ad-a-Glance feature on Tork Xpressnap dispensers to showcase the most delicious dishes from the menu and seduce customers with an extra order.

Tork Xpressnap – dispenser system for napkins with panels for placing marketing messages. A special online tool allows you to quickly create a professional message design for subsequent printing or posting on the network.

The eccentricity of the owner or chef of the restaurant increases the attractiveness
Owners of small chains and independent restaurants have always had to perform many roles, ranging from the chef to the manager. Today they are faced with a new challenge -…


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